Sunday, 28 November 2010

Text, Signs & Symbols Project. I really enjoyed this project and explored a few ideas for it, all based around a journey.

The first was my running route around the water park.

Another was based around the two definitions of the word 'ramble'.  One is a journey and the other, being discourse, was the 'text' part of the project. I explored the idea of writing 'ramblings' on a piece of string and possibly filming it being unravelled around trees to keep bearings whilst on a journey into a forest.

This idea was based around one of my favourite pieces of poetry 'Prayer Before Birth' by Louis Macniece. This is quite a dark poem, voicing passionate and feaful pleas from the unborn child of their life to come.

I explored the idea of scratching it into the dark shadows of an ultrasound photo, then surrounding the image with the usual 'cute' baby images associated with birth as a contrast.

For another idea, I thought about the opposite 'life journey', that of the journey of death and visited Southern Cemetery. The tombstones provided text references and I took lots of photos. I made my own stone, with common euphemisms of death 'asleep' and 'resting' and added my own, more direct word - 'dead!' I constructed the letters using the different architectural shapes of the gravestones, of which I had taken photos.

The idea of 'happy' funerals, was on my mind, which I had read about recently, so I thought I'd extend that to my gravestone and add a little neon!