Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Personal Project continued

My project in the Link Gallery exhibition!

The minimum amount of personal items I would choose to live with. (Under 100)

At the closing of the exhibition, people came up to eat the work so it would not become another one of my possessions.
A radical minimalist blog details a man's decision to live with only 100 or less personal items. I decided to make and inventory of all my possessions and then elininate the unnecessary until I was down to 100 items or less. I decided to represent this by making the work temporary, so I made miniature representations of my essential items out of the thinnest rice paper. I filmed myself eating them so that in the end I was not left with another possession. Having been invited to show my project at the Link Gallery I had to make another lot of rice paper possessions, which I displayed alongside the film of my eating them.
In reflection, I think I should have communicated better the concept behind the work; as a start changing the title from 'Less is More' to 'The 100 or less personal items I would choose to keep, having given away the rest'! It was a really good experience exhibiting work.

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  1. really AMAZING!!!!!!!! i am so glad you posted on my blog because now i've found yours and i already feel a kindred spirit with you knowing i'm not alone across the globe =) i love your pics..thank you again