Monday, 11 April 2011

Stopping Time Project

I was interested in a theory that time really does speed up as people get older, which was backed up with mathematical equations. I used these as a basis to our experiments with paint. Having lots of ideas for this project I eventually focused my project on a bundle of letters I had unearthed during a de-cluttering of my belongings. The letters were written to me by my mother when I was at boarding school. She wrote hundreds of them. I had also photographed a corner of my room which was emptied in my 'de-cluttering' and was a great place to think and spend time. I re-built a scaled down corner of the room to house the stack of letters and created some images thinking about the emotional motivations of the letter writing.

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  1. is this what you do for a living? art? i love all of these projects..=) i've added you now to my faves..thank you again!